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Extension Courses


1. Public Sector Costs– Ciasc. November 2007.
2. Course on innovation in public procurement, Ministério of the foreign of Cuba, 15 and 16 of December of 2018.
3. Public sector scenarios and training – SAP Company. August 2007.
4. Process redesign and methodologies “SEVENTH FRAMEWORK (FP7–CORDIS)”. Sao Bernardo do Campo. 2007.
5. Public Sector Costs – Conip. 2005-2006.



Fund Raising

1. Fund raiser for the creation of the FAPESP’s Centre for e-Gov, ongoing course,; June 2004
to present.
2. Fund raiser for FAPESP, December 2001 to December 2003 for the Center of Post-Doctorate on International
Negotiation at the University of Sao Paulo. Study entitled: “e-Gov as tool for development”.
3. Funded by the Japan-Sasakawa foundation. Development of international economy leaders, 1999 - 2000.
4. Funded by CNPq for Doctor’s degree, 1995 – 1999 and for Master’s degree, 1992 - 1994.

Member of Professional Associations

1. Founder and coordinator of the “Public procurement Brazil “ alongside with Dr. Jair Santana. This initiative consists of a project development, work with the authors and the government that have participated and approached management themes, planning, local development, legal framework and
innovation strategy policies, resulting in several books and activities. June 2012 to present.

2. Mentor of the Instituto Endeavor Brasil, Organization for the promotion of entrepreneurs. Since 2010.

3. Member of the business Pact for Integrity and against corruption. Since 2009.

4. Member of the Steering Committee of the next IT executive organization. From 2009

5. Coordinator of the Group for Electronic Government Studies and Development, located at FUNDAP, and with financing from FAPESP, ongoing, 2004 to 2008.

6. CAENI – Center for High Studies on International Negotiations - IDIRI University of Sao Paulo, coordinator since May 2000.

7. GACINT – Group for the Analysis of the International Situation - Ccint, USP. 1999 to 2008.