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Main Professional Experience

e-Strategia Pública - Founding Partner and CEO

In 2004 I founded FF/e-Stratégia Pública, the first consultancy firm in Brazil focused on transformation projects and strategic innovation for governments. At this moment, the public sector was assisted by Universities and Foundations. International advisory companies did not have the specific products for this sector. Envisioning an opportunity, I decided to open a company that became the leading firm in the area, counting today with the greatest collection of technical background certificates of the country. The company did not depend on foreign capital investments, but rather flourished due to its own work. In this role I worked on and developed projects throughout Brazil as well as in several parts of Latin America. In 2017 I came back to work at e-Strategia Publica.

I was invited by the Ezute Foundation to build the Public Management area in the Civil market, which was started in 2017. I did a work to structuring the new area between May and December 2017. The Ezute Foundation is a private non-profit organization that offers innovative technology and management solutions to the challenges and problems faced by Brazilian institutions, especially public institutions. Ezute contributes to the transformation of these organizations, supporting the evolution of productivity and effectiveness.

For this, it offers formulation and planning services; complex project management; process engineering; systems engineering; as well as teaching, training and knowledge development. The Foundation applies systemic vision and uses systems engineering in the development of all its projects. It collaborates, therefore, with the socioeconomic development, the sovereignty and the technological autonomy of Brazil.

The organization was created in 1997 and designated by the Federal Government to be the integrating institution of the SIVAM / SIPAM (Amazon Surveillance System / Amazon Protection System) project. Throughout its history, it has met the needs of the Brazilian government, acting in structuring projects, both in defense and in the civil field, such as Single Ticket and Follow Health in São Paulo, support to the management of the Ministry of Sports in the Olympiad RIO 2016, SisGAAz

I have been invited by KPMG to develop a public sector innovation practice in Latin America. The company has a well- established trajectory in Audit and Process consulting / advisory, but did not have a strategic area focusing on the public sector. We have been working on themes related to Citizen services in the state of Rio Grande do Norte; strategic reformulation of the internal audit area of the State of Paraná; and the search for a new strategic business Partner for TAME, the Public Ecuatorian Airline.

Fundação Ezute - Executiva do Setor Público

KPMG - Diretora de Inovação para o Setor Público