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Florencia Ferrer

I hold a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Buenos Aires, and a MSc and a PhD from the University of São Paulo. I have been a pioneer in the work related to innovation for the public sector, helping governmental authorities in Latin America to rethink the state. I have worked on several opportunities with presidents, ministers, governors and state secretaries in the reformulation of public policies, from planning to results monitoring. I have also consulted for several international organizations, such as OEA, IADB, and the World Bank, to name a few. While leading the implementation of many public-sector transformation projects, I have developed various methodologies and indicator systems, which allow me to build up teams and train them rapidly and efficiently, guaranteeing the quality of my job. During my entrepreneurial stage, I led a team of more than 40 professionals. My volunteer experiences complement well my professional activities. Amongst them I would like to highlight the Permanent Forum for Public Sector Innovation at Fundação Getúlio Vargas, Brazil, that I am developing with a focus on Public Procurement. In the academic environment, it is worth to mention my work as Founder and Coordinator of the first Brazilian Think Tank focused on innovation for the government – Ned-Gov (Núcleo de Estudos de Desenvolvimento de Políticas de Inovação para Governo) between 2001 and 2005.

All these experiences have allowed me to lead projects in more than 15 Brazilian states and in several
countries around Latin America and Europe, amongst them Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica, Honduras,
Nicaragua and Spain. I have been a key note speaker in more than 100 national and international events, wrote
several books and published numerous articles on public management.

• Post-Doctorate in International Economics by the International Law Department, at the University of Sao Paulo, with the thesis “Electronic Government in Brazil as a Tool for Development,” 2001-03.
• PhD in Social Sciences, with the PhD Dissertation “The Non-Virtual Web, Network Organization, and Contemporaneous Capitalism,” at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2000. I spend one year of my PhD in United Kingdom.
• Master’s Degree in Social Sciences, in Latin American integration, with the thesis “The Construction of Power from the Popular Field. The Argentinian Case,” at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1995.
• Bachelor in Sociology, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1992.


Extracurricular Courses:
Took part in the Course “Basic concepts for formulating Electronic Government strategies” OAS, Organization of American States, April – May 2004.