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Books and chapters of books

1. “Efficient public Gestão. O Cidadão no Centro das Atenções ", Editora Alta Books, Rio de Janeiro, 2018.

2. “Public procurement Brazil ", Editora Campus Elsevier, Sao Paulo, 2015.

3. “E-government. Lower costs and improve the quality of public spending. " Co-authored with Carmen Gambín. Global Perspective 2025. Published in Electronic government + innovation 2014. Public management. Ekos. ISBN 978-9942-9896-6-6

4. “Governo Eletrônico US Brazilian states. Agenda I-Brazil 2015 ", CRV editor, 2013.

5. “Local Government and information and communication technologies ", Fábio Duarte, Klaus Frey, Maria Alexandra Cunha (organizers). Editorial Champagnat, 2009.

6. “Efficient public management – economic impacts of innovative governments. First book of the collection "govern well brings results". Editorial Campus, 2007.

7. “Topics of economics Paulista for public managers ", Maria de Fátima Infante Araujo & Lígia Beira (Organizers), chapter 10, Fundap, 2007.

8. “e-Development in Brazil and in the world. Subsidies and program E-Brasil ", Peter Knight, Ciro Campos, Chirsto Fernandes, Maria Alexandra Cunha (0rganizadores), chapter 27. Editorial Yendis, 2007.
9. “E-Government. The electronic government in Brazil "co-authored with Paula Santos, Introduction and Chapters 6 and 15. Editorial Saraiva, 2004.

10. “E-gov.Br the next Brazilian revolution? Efficiency, quality and democracy: E-government in Brazil and the world. " Chapter: "Electronic Government – transparency, efficiency and inclusion", in co- authorship with Zilma Borges. Editorial Makron Books, 2003.

11. “Capitalist restructuring – pathways and diversions of technology gives information. Coleção Paradoxos, Modern publishing house, 1998.