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Participation in academic judgment committes

1. Reviewer of Editorial Ibex, in the Technical Scientific opinion about: “Management of Public Social Services”; Attracting Resources for Social Projects”; “Elaboration of Social Projects”; Management, Planning and Public Policies”, since 2011.

2. Juror FAPEAM (Foundation for Research Support in State of Amazon) on research project evaluation; 2011.

3. Juror for the evaluation of the project “ICT in Government” Award. Published by Plano Editorial.

4. Juror for “Excellence in ICT applied to public services” for CONIP, 2005 through to 2009.

5. Member of the consulting committee on CONeGOV (South American Conference on Science and Technology applied to e-Gov);

6. Juror at FACEPE (Foundation for the support and development of research of the State of Pernambuco), on evaluation of research project;

7. Member of the consulting committee on LACCIR (Latin America and Caribbean Collaborative ICT Research), 2009.

8. Participation in a professors’ group for evaluating Luiz Fernando Ballin Ortolani’s doctorate thesis “Quality of service on internet: Instruments for managing e-Government services”, 2005. Doctorate course at the UFSC.