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• Award “IT & Government 2009” Project: Governmental Purchases of the State of Acre
• Award Success Entrepreneur, Globo Publisher, Better Opportunity Category, 2008.
• Award “Top Entrepreneurship Excellency | 2008” FF/e-Strategia Pública® – Public policies consulting
• Award “B2B Standard of Quality І 2006” Project: LIG Minas
• Award “CONIP Excellency in Applied Computing for Public Services | 2005” Project: Savings clock of the State of Sao Paulo.
• Award “IT & GOVERNMENT | 2005” Category: e-Democracy – Project: Savings clock of the State of Sao Paulo;
• Public Recognition for San Miguelito Municipality, Honduras, for the work at MUNET project. Munet was a OEA Programm, with finatiation of Canadian Cooperation. 2005, Honduras.