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1. Honorable Tribunal de Cuentas de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, Strategic Planning and developed and construction of innovation strategy. Project of IADB, Buenos Aires, June- Dezember 2018. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2. Secretaria de Administración do Piauí, Restructuration of Public Purchasing Policy, World Bank Project, August- December 2018.

3. CESO and Federal Government of Brazil, Innovation Ecosystem, August-November 2018, Lisbon, Portugal and Brasilia, Brazil
4. ENAP, Escola Nacional de Administração Pública, Brazil, Coordination of Digital Government Workshop, August 2018, Brasilia, Brasil.

5. AGESIC, Develop a measurement and evaluation model of digital government, based on a set of indicators of processes, results and impacts; able to reflect the impact of the adoption and development of digital policies in Uruguay, Montevideo, April 2018, project in execution.
6. IADB, Senior Consultant to generate inputs for the formulation and implementation of policies to serve citizens and companies that use public services, and to promote digital government in 5 Brazilian states, correlating these inputs with indicators of transparency and impacts on the productivity of the states (Brazil cost), March 2018, project in execution.
7. Coordinator of the Homogenization project of the administrative procedures of the Argentine National Government, coordinated by the Ministry of Finance and sponsored by the IDB, December 2017 to February 2018
8. Teacher for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba to give the course "Innovative trends in public procurement", December 16 and 17, 2018.
9. Consultant for the Implementation of the new system of the National Lottery of Angola, project in execution.
10. Specialist in Institutional Innovation for the State Paraná, Brazil. Project in execution. Start in July 2017 term October 2018.
11. Coordinator of the Citizen Assistance Project of the State of Rio Grande do Norte, January to November 2017.
12. Specialist in geopolitical analysis for the consultancy in TAME - Empresa pública Pública de Ecuador- focused on the acquisition of strategic partner for the company, a project developed between October 2016 and June 2017.
13. Advice for the Development of strategies for or Vice President of Ecuador, Jorge Glass, to measure the economic impact of the investment policies already implemented in the government of President Rafael Correa. December 2014 to July 2015.
17. Coordinator of the public property management model. The BINPS Methodology in accordance with the Public Sector Accounting Standards (NBCASP) applying the NBCT S 16.2 and 16.9 of the Municipal Chamber of Barueri to identify asset management and the development of innovative strategies for this area. April to September 2014.
18. Coordinator of "Technical Assistance for the presentation of the Law on the National Supply System to the Peruvian Congress" from the "Continuous Improvement of Public Finance Management Support Program (PCM) 2011-2015 ". The project covered elaboration of legal material, nomination of the directing commission and guidelines for the operation, promoting improved governance. From July to October 2014.
19. Project Coordinator of the economic impacts and public benefits assessment of the “Plan Integral de Prevención Ciudadana de la Municipalidad Del Pilar". Provided concrete results on costs and economic impacts of the Integrated Preventive Plan of Citizen Security implementation. Argentina. September-December 2013.
20. Senior Consultant for the research development of “Sustainable Public Procurement and SME” and coordination of a multilateral work group alongside with Universidad de San Martín – Argentina. Project: “Sustainable Public Procurement: a tool for the economy greening”. The Organization of American States (OAS), the IDRC and the IISD in the framework of the Inter-American Government Procurement Network (RICG). The activity fulfilled the purpose of preparing a study on "Sustainable Public Procurement and SMEs," which served as the basis for the
establishment of a working group under the RICG dedicated to promote policies for the adoption of sustainable and inclusive public procurement. May to November 2014.2014
21. Senior Consultant for the IADB - Inter-American Development Bank- coordinated and prepared the diagnosis and the report for the Citizen Assistance, within the Support Program for the preparation of a Public Management Strengthening National Program and Public Management of the Brazilian States. The work resulted in an investment strategy plan for IADB and a strategic direction for the Brazilian states. September
2012 to November 2013.
22. Senior Consultant for Digital Government Division of the Costa Rican Institute of Electricity (ICE) as coordinator of the project “Economic impact of innovation applied to public procurement processes and systems Assessment." Amongst the services provided were: 1. Cost reduction index of the replacement of traditional purchasing processes for electronic ones for both the state, citizens and suppliers; 2. Mensuration of traditional purchasing process hidden costs. 3. BINPS® (Benefits of Public Investment. Costa Rica, October-December 2013.
23. Senior Consultant for the implementation of Indicators Methodology and Metrics Development Project, application pilot, guidance, training, and creation of data interpretation mechanisms involving integration solutions, documentation and expert support to the project operation “Government Procurement and Small Business" conducted nationally by SEBRAE and coordinated by Instituto de Compras Governamentais (ICG). Brazil, August-October 2013.
24. Project Coordinator of “Support for the Preparation of Public Management Strengthening National Program of the Brazilian States”, developing agendas and carrying out three road shows to the United States, Canada and Chile, as well as the reception and organization of visits by international experts in Brazil from areas such as PPP, Performance Management, etc. October 2012-September 2013.
25. Hemispheric Consultant of the OAS (Organization of American States) for the program Munet (Program of Development of Latin American municipalities in the application of technology-municipalities efficient and transparent) en Perú. From January 2011 to December 2012.
26. Senior Consultant for the Public Expenditure Quality Improvement Project in the State of Goiás, in which was identified the public expenditure main products and family services. November 2012 to March 2013.
27. Senior Consultant for the IADB. Coordinated and prepared the diagnosis and the report for the Citizen Assistance, within the Support Program for the Preparation of a National Program to the Public Management Strengthening Plan and Public Management of the Brazilian States. October 2012 to September 2013.
28. General Coordinator of the Public Expenditure Improvement Project, Civil House Secretariat of the State of São Paulo. From April 2012 to January 2013.
29. Project Coordinator of the "Development of a Manual for a Public Software for the Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management, the Department of Logistics and Information Technology. 2009-2010.
30. Project Coordinator for State of Pernambuco, through the Administration Secretariat. Built new model of purchasing policy and assets for the State. The project consisted in the development of a new Pubic Procurement Policy. A new purchasing policy strategy was elaborated, suggesting the current centralized model. 2011-2012
31. Project Coordinator for the project Agenda i-Brazil 2015 - Prosperity Found, Government of the United Kingdom. Project undertaken by a partnership between the British Embassy in Brazil, CONSAD, e-Stratégia Pública. Development of an E-Government Maturity Diagnosis Methodology based on UN’s “E-Readiness”, for subnational governments and applied in all 27 Brazilian states, resulting in a maturity ranking and in a strategy to reach the 2015 goal of turning 100% of the citizen services available online. Road shows were carried out with four Brazilian states to the UK, to learn best practices in the area. A book was published with the results of this project.2011-2012.
32. Project Coordinator for the “Image Diagnosis the State Service” of from São Paulo for the Project Socio Economic Impact Assessment, which resulted in a consistent cost reduction for both the state and for the citizen. 2011.
33. Coordinator of the consultancy for the Government of Ecuador in the assessment of the economic impacts on innovation in the process of identifying citizens. Civil registration of Ecuador implemented a new model of high security identification, self-sustainability policy. With the implanted proposal, it managed to overcome the deficit of U$S 25 million previously verified, yielding a positive return of U $ S 51 million a year, which meant a surplus of more than $ S 25 million. Financed by the IADB. In 2011.
34. Project Coordinator for the State of Rio Grande do Norte (Brazil), in the Ministry of Education and Culture in “Restructuring Education” project. 2010 - 2012.
35. Expert consultant for Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management, through the Secretariat of Logistic and Information Technology. Project elaboration of a Public Software Manual. 2009-2010.
36. Specialist Consultant for the State of Rio Grande do Norte (Brazil), in the Department of Administration, in developing purchase policies. The work was carried in 11 offices throughout the state. The central goal of the project was the redesign of the Management Model of Logistics Process for the reduction of costs and improvement of the public expenditure quality (December 2010).
37. Expert consultant for the Government of the State of Acre for “Management Jump” a developing a modernization strategy for public administration in the 2008-2010 period.
38. Consultant for the British Embassy in Brazil. Project: The Indicator of Adherence to Electronic Government (IA e-Gov). The focus of this project was to establish a relationship between Anticorruption and the Electronic Government. The research considered that the higher the number of unnecessary activities that add no value, the higher is the probability of errors, deviations and corrupt practices. This initiative of the CGU in conjunction with the British Embassy was able to substantiate the concepts advocated in the Strategy and the IA e-gov by a case study. The agreement approval process of the Ministry of Science and Technology for Social Inclusion (SECIS) under the Ministry of Science and Technology (MCT) was analyzed. Presented at the “II Oficina Internacional de Medición del Fenómeno Corrupción”. The result was positive by academics from FGV, USP, PUC-RJ, UNB, University of Oxford, Harvard University and University of California, amongst others. 2008-2010.
39. Expert Consultant for the Government of the State of Minas Gerais. Projects: LIG MINAS, Minas Fácil, Government Purchases. 2007.
40. Hemispherical Expert Consultant for OAS. MUNET - Consultancy Program for social and economic development of Latin American Municipalities by strengthening public management through e-Gov solutions, participation of the community, partnerships between public and private sectors, and the use of development tools. 2005-2012.
41. Project coordinator of "Service switch-over to Electronic Means" for the state of Minas Gerais. 2008.
42. Specialist consultant for the State Secretary of Treasury in Sao Paulo for the feasibility evaluation on the systematization of costing evaluation – 2007-2008.
43. Consultant for the Municipality of Sao Bernardo do Campo. Organizational Planning: Education and training for Redesigning Work Processes and Methods. Training for establishing international partnerships, resulting in obtaining funds from the “Seventh Framework Program” (FP7 – Cordis) of the European Commission, 2007.
44. Consultant for the Court of Justice of the State of Espírito Santo – Mensuration of innovation in the judicial branch economic impact. 2006.
45. Expert Consultant for the Government of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (PROCERGS). Project: “Analysis of cost variations with the implementation of electronic activities for government purchases”. 2006.
46. Consultant for the Ecuatorian Telecommunications National Council (CONATEL). Strategy for the development of the National e-Gov Program, with frameworks and directives for the implementation of e-Gov plans and government modernization. 2006.
47. Director of "Florencia Ferrer Investigación & Consultancy", a company specializing in project development, evaluation of results and implementation of companies in Gobierno electronic. During 2004.
48. Consultant for the Government of the State of Amazonas. Project: The Savings Display / The Savings Billboard, an innovative way to show the transparency of Public Management and savings obtained through the implementation of electronic means in government processes. 2006.
49. Consultant for analyzing the composition of demand for Oracle. Mapping of business opportunities for implementing IT in Brazilian states and municipalities; mapping of implemented solutions. 2005.
50. Consultant for DETRAN Sao Paulo. Project: Driver’s License and Annual Vehicle Registration. Study on the cost of processes such as Annual Vehicle Registration, Driver’s License renewal, Driver’s License duplicate, and substitution of the Driving Permission. 2004 – 2005
51. Consultant for PRODESP Sao Paulo. Project: Citizens’ Identification Process, Criminal Background Certificates – Public policy for social inclusion and structural cost reduction. 2004.
52. Consultant for the Government of the State of Sao Paulo. Project: Savings Clock. The Savings Clock is an innovative way to show the transparency of Public Management and the savings obtained through the implementation of electronic means in government processes. 2004.
53. Consultancy in Economics and Social analysis at Grano Ltda. (today “Instituto de Estudos Econômicos e Internacionais”). Coordination of research groups. May 1998 to March 1999.
54. Invited by FAPESP (Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo) to create the first “Think Tank” focused on public sector innovation in Brazil, NED – gov (Núcleo de estudos de desenvolvimento de políticas de inovação para governo). 2000-2006.
55. Consultant at FACEPE – Foundation for the Protection of Science and Technology of the State of Pernambuco – Social Sciences Department. July 1999 to present.
56. International Commerce Consultant with Union Sur. Purchases, export, and merchandising. Coordination of analysis, building of partnerships and other activities with Argentinian companies. São Paulo. 1993-1994.
57. Foreign Markets Analyst for GP Assessoria de Comércio Exterior, Sao Paulo. 1992 - 1993.
58. Committee for the evaluation and selection of articles and lectures for the CONeGOV 2004, South American Conference on Science and Technology for e-Government practices.
59. Gerente de Proyecto en el Consorcio Marment-Synergy que presta servicios para el INEP - Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Educativas- del MEC - Ministerio de Educación- con financiamiento del PNUD (Programa para el Desarrollo de Naciones Unidas) y del Banco Mundial. Administra un proyecto de evaluación de la Enseñanza de Primer y Segundo Grado en Brasil. Realizó la coordinación de grupos virtuales de profesionales distribuidos por todo Brasil. Entre febrero y mayo de 2001.